Olicity Pictures for ‘Arrow’ S2 Ep 4 ‘Cruicible’






Olicity Moment Av

All credit to the CW for the official photos. The last one is a still from a sneak peek video for the episode– Felicity says “who taught you to shave, mister?”

I just wanted to post them since they’re so damn cute together. And I love the way he’s smiling at her and the way he closes his eyes at her touch.

I’m willing to wait patiently for them to get together. I don’t care if it takes them 8 Seasons to get there. One thing that Bones has taught me (other than all the scientific words for bones, bugs and other awesome things) is that if you wait patiently long enough, love will come. It’s why I’m not phased by all the talk about Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) and Felicity’s chemistry.