Olicity Hug from 2×09 ‘Three Ghosts’

So it was a touching moment near the end of one of the biggest, exciting & very ‘OMFG’ episodes of not only Season 2 but probably the entire show.

I thought I’d share these. I didn’t make them (except crop the first one down). I’d credit the site I got them from but I can’t remember it right now.

Arrow209-2195a^ Using that one to draw them






7 thoughts on “Olicity Hug from 2×09 ‘Three Ghosts’

    • Oh, exactly. She’s amazing. She’s the first female in the show I truly like. And I think it’s amazing that she was only ever meant to appear in two scenes in 1×03. We should be thankful Emily Bett Rickards does such an incredible job with her — and Stephen Amell for having incredible chemistry with her. šŸ™‚

      • Really, I didn’t know she was only meant to be in two scenes…I’m really glad they kept her. She really adds a lot to the show.


      • Yeah, Stephen Amell & Emily Bett Rickards said it in a few interviews. That they had her in for a day to shoot two scenes, and he liked her. He also said the smile he gives her when she tilted her head was him breaking script — he added it in cause he liked her acting. It’s hard to imagine the show without her, she’s amazing & adds so much to the show.

        — Laura

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