Oliver’s Tattoos — drawings

Over the last couple of days, I did these two drawings for someone on twitter. The real challenge when drawing Oliver’s (& Shado’s) dragon tattoo is really how damn complicated it is. Not just in design, but also it’s position on their bodies, the fact that it (especially in Oliver’s case, which is the version they’ve shown more of) is riddled with scars, and the fact that they never show it in full and at a good angle. These all made it nearly impossible for me to copy it accurately. In the end I had about 5 or 6 screencaps open, flicking between them in order to piece together as much of the design as I could. Not my finest piece of work, but… best I could do given what I had to go off of. I intentionally left off a lot of the top section — the top of the dragon’s head — as it was impossible to get every detail since the closer shots always had lighting obscuring that part, and then the angles I could see it were the wrong angle so I couldn’t get it all out. And yes, I’m aware that one eye looks bigger — that’s because it is in the tattoo.


And the second is Oliver’s Bratva tattoo. Which I should point out took me less than an hour to do a rough trace, then fill in the details & colour. Pretty damn impressive, really, since most of my Olicity ones take me days even weeks to do. (although I did do a non-Olicity/Arrow one the other day in less than 24 hours and it’s far more complicated than this…)

Excuse the photography — I took it on my phone, with the clipboard I had the paper on sitting on my lap propped against my desk. Not the best quality but I don’t care.