Arrow: ‘Tremors’ (2×11) — My Review

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After taking a week’s break (since I got so damn stressed out writing my Blast Radius review, and frankly Blind Spot wasn’t all that brilliant so I didn’t care that I was taking the week off), I wrote a review of Arrow S2E12 Tremors.

I’ve been looking forward to seeing it since Stephen Amell mentioned it held his favourite scene. And it was that comment that inspired my When The Sun Goes Down fic (which I’m still in the process of writing Chapter 2). So I went into the episode with some very high expectations. And it didn’t disappoint.

I also hit the jackpot when Stephen Amell, Colton Haynes and Stunt Choreographer James ‘BamBam’ Bamford all live tweeted through the episode. (The show’s Production Office twitter tweeted that they wrapped the day’s shoot early so everyone could go and watch the episode. That’s pretty awesome.) And so I stayed up very late last night editing not only my review, but also compiling all the tweets to share.

You can read it here:×11-review/


Stephen Amell: On-Set 2×15 Island

1497459_562534153831856_1086520436_nSA FB messageAmell has been shooting island scenes with Caity Lotz (Black Canary/Sara Lance). Lotz has been posting photos on Instagram today, as well as Amell posting other photos and even a video featuring Lotz.

Seems like episode 15, The Promise, is not only a ‘revelation’ episode but the island flashbacks are tough going. Over the last few days, Amell’s been very active on his Facebook page — posting photos and even taking time out during filming to answer fan questions.

And lets not forget this:


Olicity S2 Promo Photo Manip

I started this at midnight last night, worked on it for 2 hours & then went to bed. I’m not 100% happy with the lighting — I’ve had to darken it in stages (3 layers — background, Stephen Amell/Oliver, and Emily Bett Rickards/Felicity) to try and get an overall lighting tone so it looks more realistic. Unfortunately the lighting in Stephen’s photo was down right annoyingly hard to alter — his jacket kept getting too dark, while his face & neck refuse to go dark enough. *sigh*. But I’ve done what I can. At least it looks almost professional.

Tagged it so when it’s reblogged, people know who made it. (Plus I picked a darker spot in the pic to tag so it’s harder for people to remove my writing. Evil, but… I don’t want it to be stolen. Not after the 4 hours it took me to make it.)

I can send people the untagged copy if you want. As long as it’s for private use. Because if I find out the untagged version is out online, I will be pissed & I’ll hunt it down & have it removed.

Enjoy! 🙂

Various sizes here:


Shout out to “The Arrow Prophercies + ‘Human’ Justice”

Okay, so I got asked by Charles to put a link up on my site for his. That was after he said how much he loves my site, & well… gimme a compliment like his & I’ll be inclined to give a little back.

Anyway, his site’s got cool reviews about Arrow but also The Flash (the up-coming spin-off starring two time Arrow guest Grant Gustin as Barry Allen) and Almost Human (it’s a little odd mix, in my opinion. I mean, I get the first two, but… the third? Haven’t seen more than the promos for it so I’m not quite sure how that fits in.).

Check it out here:

If you’re reading, Charles — ‘lil tip: think about changing your site’s address. Doesn’t do it justice, imo.