Thank You For Visiting!!!!

I just wanted to thank you for coming to the site! Although I haven’t been posting much of late (have had my hands full writing reviews of Arrow for Geeked Out Nation), I do come on & check out the site stats. I’m blown away by the now-regular figures of 80-120 daily views. It means that people are seeing my work, & I really appreciate that. And thank God for Google! ahahaha! 🙂

So, from the bottom of my heart… Thank you! It really means a lot that this site is going so well. (shame I don’t get paid for it… lol)


When The Sun Goes Down Ch 2: Sun Sets, But It Ain’t Over Yet

Well, after taking just over a month (probably a month & a half!) to write, I’ve finally finished Chapter 2!

The whole story will be posted from now on on Archive of Our Own — where I’m going under the username ArrowOlicityLover. I’ve put it up there because it’s easier to have the whole story in the one area there than on here.

So enjoy! And Chapter 3’s already started — so hopefully it won’t take me quite so long! *fingers crossed*